Minidiff Plus Spares + Tools


Diffuse Reflectance spectroscopy spares, tools and consumables

Spares, tools and consumables for the Specac Minidiff.

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Spares + More
  • Minidiff Plus Diabrase Abrasive Sample Pads Diabrase Abrasive Sample Pads (9mm diameter) for the Minidiff Plus (pkt of 100) GS04506
  • Minidiff Plus Sample Cup Holder Sample Cup Holder with 3 Sample Cups for the Minidiff Plus (pkt of 2) GS04505
  • Minidiff Plus Diabrase Sample Pad Holder Diabrase Sample Pad Holder with 3 Diabraze Pad Mounts for the Minidiff Plus (pkt of 2) GS04508
  • Minidiff Plus Double-Sided Mirror Assembly GS04507
Data Sheets
  • MiniDiff Datasheet

    The Specac Minidiff Plus Diffuse Reflectance Accessory allows economic and high quality DRIFTS (Diffuse Reflectance Infrared Fourier Transform Spectroscopy) analysis of a wide variety of powders and solid samples.
User Manuals


  • Abrasive Sample Pads
  • Sample Cup Holder
  • Sample Pad Holder
  • Double-Sided Mirror Assembly