Pathlength Calibration

Pathlength Calibration Program for Pearl

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Please see our instructional videos, on how to use the Pearl Calibration Software.

For calculating the pathlength of a cell formed between two parallel windows, the interference fringe method is commonly employed.

For cells with non-parallel, or “wedged” windows, such as those available for the Pearl™ Liquid Transmission Accessory, this method is not possible because the interference fringes are not seen.

Instead, the known absorbance of a particular solvent in a parallel windowed reference cell can be used to calibrate a wedged test cell.

The Specac Pathlength Calibration software takes spectra of n-heptane recorded on the customer’s wedged cells and reports a pathlength based on our in-house calibration routine.

The method is fast and easy to carry out. The program contains video instructions to aid users in following the method accurately.

In addition to the n-heptane calibration, the program also contains a calculator for measuring the pathlength of parallel cells via the usual interference fringing method.

Compatible with all liquid cells including: Pearl and Omni-Cell, Advanced liquids cells.