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Specac distribute Nieka XRF Fusion Fluxers throughout the UK. Nieka are market-leaders when it comes to design and performance in XRF bead preparation – essential for accurate and reliable  X-Ray Fluorescence analysis.

G4 XRF Gas Fusion Bead Fluxer

A superb gas fluxer for reliable temperature monitoring of the XRF bead fusion process the produce premium XRF analytical results.

Produce XRF fusion beads with a high throughput

The G4 can produce up to four glass disks or solutions per each cycle (up to 48 samples every hour) to speed up your XRF sample preparation.

An automated control system allows customizable and programmable fusion parameters to help automate your fusion bead preparation.

Easy-to-install and easy-to-use XRF bead fusion fluxer

Real-time heat monitoring through the Nieka data management system gives ultimate control with minimal effort.

The touchscreen controls can be used in various languages and follow fusion methods isntalled from USB or network*, along with easy-to-follow fusion program instructions.

Installation simply requires a standard electrical outlet and a low-pressure gas line.

*Samples can be taken for customisable ‘recipes’ tuned to your requirements by Nieka which can then be loaded by USB or Network directly to the G4.

Repeatable and safe XRF bead fusion fluxing

The heating chambers are thermally efficient and offer high temperatures for difficult samples. Each cahmber is well-contained for repeatability.

An integrated locking safety door, automated shut-off feature and real-time flame monitoring make this fusion fluxer very safe.

E1 XRF Electric Fusion Fluxer

The E1 is a fully automated glass bead or solution preparation device, with a unique safe-to-touch glass surface; the E1 can also be configured to prepare solutions for AA and ICP analysis.

Tough and simple to use

There are no fragile ceramic parts and the E1 can be calibrated quickly – just plug in to standard 230v mains and use in seconds. A see-through automatic door lets the user observe operation. The user touchscreen is very large and intuitive for simple use; USB and network connections makes on-site software upgrades very easy. The E1 is built for superior performance and ease-of-use.

High temperatures

The E1 electric fusion fluxer operates up-to 1250°C fusion temperatures and offers an ultra-precise temperature control for complex pre-oxidation along with unrivalled consistency for all sample preparation methods. Clip-on heating modules provide instant maintenance.

Clean and fast operation

The exhaust fumes are concentrated in a small extraction area for ease and fan units provide rapid cold-to-cold operation. A real circular stirring motion provides fast sample dissolution.

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Electric Fusion Fluxer
  • E1 Electric Fusion Fluxer Automatic electric fusion fluxer for XRF bead preparation, manufactured by Nieka. Only available in the UK for Specac customers.
Gas Fusion Fluxer
  • G4 Gas Fusion Fluxer Automatic gas fusion fluxer for XRF bead preparation, manufactured by Nieka. Only available in the UK for Specac customers.


  • UK customers only
  • Lowest (safer) gas pressure, with natural or bottled gas option
  • Ultra-high efficiency & low cost of ownership
  • Efficient and customizable to your sample recipe
  • Real-time temperature monitoring by painted monitoring process