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Sample Preparation - XRF Accessories

Specac provide a range of XRF accessories to suit your sample preparation needs. Browse our Fusion Fluxers, Sample Cups, Grinding Balls + Bowls and Thin Films.

XRF Fusion Beads | Electric & Gas Fusion Fluxers

  • Customizable to sample
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Ultra-high efficient

XRF Grinding & Flux Accessories

  • XRF Spectroblend + Flux
  • XRF SpectroMix powder
  • XRF Liquid Binder

XRF Sample Cups | XRF Sample Preparation

  • Single/Double open-ended
  • SpectroCup® sample cups
  • TrimLess® sleeved cups

XRF Thin Films | XRF Cup Support

  • Self-adhesive films
  • Continuous rolls
  • Pre-cut circles