Agate Pestle and Mortar

Agate Pestle + Mortar | Grind Solid Samples


Manual solid FTIR sample grinder

Agate Mortar and Pestles are the ideal tool for manually grinding solid samples with an appropriate mull agent (such as KBr powder, Nujol, or Fluorolube) in preparation for mull FTIR transmission analysis, diffuse reflectance, and KBr pellet press applications.

Pure agate is non-absorbing in the infrared spectroscopic region. Specac Mortar and pestle sets are available at 40 mm diameter as standard. 

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Pestle + Mortar
  • Pestle and Mortar A Pestle and Mortar (4cm diameter bowl) for grinding mull agents such as KBr powder, Nujol or Fluorolube. GS03600