Process Typhoon NIR Gas or Vapour Process Cell

NIR UV/Vis Gas / Vapour Process Cell


Typhoon Series ProcellTM Process Flow Cell | NIR UV/Vis Gas / Vapour Process Cell

The Specac ProCell™ Typhoon Process Cell is a rugged pipe-mounted spectroscopic transmission cell for the continuous in-situ monitoring of gas or vapour phase process streams in the UV/Vis or NIR spectroscopic region, via the use of optical fibers.

The cell is easily trace-heated and insulated for use at elevated temperatures, and cleaning ports can be added to facilitate in-situ cleaning of the windows. Additional ports can be added to facilitate flexibility in choice of flow arrangement.

Specac process cells were designed 25 years ago using input from leading experts in the field of process analysis. They have since proven to withstand even the harshest process conditions, including highly corrosive and acidic chemicals at high pressures and temperatures.

Cells can be serviced at regular intervals for peace of mind, long term planning to coincide with plant turnarounds is advised.

Range of cell body materials

A choice of cell body materials (e.g. Stainless Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel, and Hastelloy®) and a selection of high performance perfluoroelastomer window seals ensure appropriate chemical compatibility for the application.

Choose your pathlength

Standard optical transmission pathlengths are available at 20 cm, 30 cm, or 50 cm, and  optical components within the cell are selected to be compatible with the wavelength range of interest and the diameter of optical fiber specified by the user. Optical fiber connectivity is ensured by industry standard SMA 905 connectors.

Technical specifications | NIR UV/Vis Gas / Vapour Process Cell

Pressures Up to 1500 psi
Temperatures Up to 240 oC
Materials of construction 316L, Hastelloy B2/B3, Zirconium
others on request
Sealing  Isolast perfluoroelastomer (e.g. Kalrez 4079), diffusion bonded,
others on request
Pathlengths 20, 30 and 50 cm
others on request
Optical materials Sapphire
Fibre optic connection SMA 905

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NIR Gas / Vapour Process Cell
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    The Specac ProCellâ„¢ Typhoon Process Cell is a rugged pipe-mounted spectroscopic transmission cell for the continuous in-situ monitoring of gas or vapour phase process streams in the UV/Vis or NIR region.


  • Proven reliability in aggressive environments
  • Range of cell body and seal materials
  • Simple and flexible options for process integration
  • Cleaning port option for in-situ servicing
  • Factory-aligned optics to ensure optimum stability and cell sensitivity