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FTIR Spectrometer Accessories - Transmission

Transmission sampling techniques are catered by Specac with a range of liquid, solid and gas spectroscopic accessories in the UV, visible, NIR and Infrared regions. Browse our transmission spectroscopy accessories and get in touch.

Atmos | Heatable long pathlength gas cells

  • High signal-to-noise
  • Chemically compatible materials
  • Prevent condensation with heating jacket

Pearl | Liquid transmission accessory

  • Measure viscous oils with ease
  • Repeatable pathlength
  • Very easy cleaning

Omni-Cell | Traditional liquid transmission cell

  • Simple transmission cell system
  • Takes a wide range of windows
  • Easily flush with solvents

Storm 10 cm | Short pathlength gas cells

  • For high-concentration species
  • Glass or metal body construction
  • 250 °C heated version available

High Temperature High Pressure cell

  • In-situ measurement of solids
  • Readily quantifiable absorbance
  • Controlled sample atmosphere

Electrical Heating Jacket

  • For Advanced Liquid Cells
  • Ambient to 150ºC
  • Slide-mounted

Variable Temperature transmission cell holder

  • Study low T rates & mechanisms
  • Usable from IR to UV
  • 4-port versions for fluorimetry

Liquid Transmission Windows | FTIR

  • Pearl, VT Cell, Omni-Cell
  • Variable Pathlength Cell
  • Heatable Liquid Cell

High Pressure Liquid Cell | Liquid FTIR

  • From -15°C to 180°C
  • Reliable and durable
  • 2000 psi / 5000 psi

Cell Holder Windows | IR Cell Windows

  • BaF2, ZnSe, CaF2, KBr, NaCl
  • Polythylene
  • Fused Silica

Advanced Solid Transmission Cell

  • Use with Variable Temp. Holder
  • Use with Heating Jacket
  • Range of diameters

Ambient Temperature Cell Holder

  • For Advanced Liquid/Solid Cells
  • Ambient conditions only
  • Slide-mounted

Heated Short Pathlength Gas Cell

  • Optional flow mode
  • ambient to 250°C
  • Vacuum to 1 Bar

Magnetic Film Holder | Mount FTIR Films

  • Thin windows or polymer films
  • Fits in 3" x 2" slide mount
  • Has a 25mm aperture

Micro Compression Cell | Solid FTIR

  • 7.0mm clear aperture
  • Choice of windows
  • 3" x 2" slide mount

Advanced Liquid Transmission Cells

  • Sealed/Demountable cell range
  • Static and flow options
  • From 6µm-1000µm

Cell Holder Spares | FTIR Cell Holders

  • Essential Spares Kit
  • Fittings Kit for VT Cell
  • VT Cell/Cuvette O-Rings

Cyclone | Heatable Long Pathlength Gas Cell

  • Configurable long path gas cell
  • Chemically compatible materials
  • Heating jacket available

Gas FTIR Transmission Spares

  • Tornado cell spares
  • Cyclone cell spares
  • Storm cell spares

Gas Transmission Cell Windows

  • NaCl, KBr, CaF2, BaF2, ZnSe
  • Cyclone cell windows
  • Storm cell windows

Liquid Transmission Spares | Liquid FTIR Parts

  • Variable Pathlength Cell
  • Heatable Liquid Cell
  • Omni-Cell

Microfocus Beam Condenser | ZnSe or KRS-5

  • Wide wavelength range
  • High throughput
  • Easy to align

Solid Transmission Spares | Solid FTIR Parts

  • HTHP Cell spares
  • Essential spares
  • ​Solid FTIR parts