Minidiff Plus Spares + Tools


Diffuse Reflectance spectroscopy spares, tools and consumables

Spares, tools and consumables for the Specac Minidiff.

Minidiff Plus Diabrase Abrasive Sample Pads

Pads for the Minidiff Plus.

Sample Pad Holder

Sample Pad Holders for the Minidiff.

Minidiff Mirror Assembly

A double-sided mirror assembly for the Minidiff Plus.

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Spares + More
  • Minidiff Plus Diabrase Abrasive Sample Pads Diabrase Abrasive Sample Pads (9mm diameter) for the Minidiff Plus (pkt of 100) GS04506
  • Minidiff Plus Sample Cup Holder Sample Cup Holder with 3 Sample Cups for the Minidiff Plus (pkt of 2) GS04505
  • Minidiff Plus Diabrase Sample Pad Holder Diabrase Sample Pad Holder with 3 Diabraze Pad Mounts for the Minidiff Plus (pkt of 2) GS04508
  • Minidiff Plus Double-Sided Mirror Assembly GS04507
Data Sheets
  • MiniDiff Datasheet

    The Specac Minidiff Plus Diffuse Reflectance Accessory allows economic and high quality DRIFTS (Diffuse Reflectance Infrared Fourier Transform Spectroscopy) analysis of a wide variety of powders and solid samples.
User Manuals


  • Abrasive Sample Pads
  • Sample Cup Holder
  • Sample Pad Holder
  • Double-Sided Mirror Assembly