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FTIR Spectrometer Accessories - Reflectance

Specac produce a range of FTIR reflectance accessories for ATR, Diffuse Reflectance and Specular Reflectance accessories. These accessories come in heated, pressurized and cooled modes and require minimal sample preparation.

Specular Reflectance Accessories

  • Built-in polarizer mount
  • Grazing angle capability
  • Monolayer analysis

Selector | Diffuse Reflectance Accessory

  • Selects only the diffuse component
  • Advanced sampling available
  • Requires little sample prep.

Minidiff Plus DRIFTS accessory

  • Multiple positions, ideal for gemology
  • Micrometer focusing adjustment
  • Easily repeatable sampling

Minidiff Plus Spares + Tools

  • Double-sided mirror assembly
  • Sample cup/pad holder
  • Abrasive sample pads

Selector Environmental Chamber + Spares

  • High temp. reaction chamber
  • Up to 800°C and 34 bar
  • In Situ IR spectroscopy