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FTIR Spectrometer Accessories - ATR

Specac offers a comprehensive range of single reflection diamond ATR, ZnSe ATR and Ge ATR products, as well as multi-reflection horizontal ATR and variable angle vertical ATR accessories. Heated ATR accessory options are available.

Arrow silicon ATR consumable

  • ​Silicon ATR consumable
  • Developed for Quest
  • Starter kit available

Quest | High throughput ATR accessory

  • Diamond, ZnSe, Ge, Si
  • Flat or liquid puck configuration
  • Arrow™ consumable ATR
  • Heated diamond or Znse puck (max. 110 °C)

Golden Gate | Advanced diamond ATR accessories

  • Robust, rugged diamond ATR
  • Heated, cooled, & reaction cells
  • USB temperature controller

Gateway ATR

  • Versatile + highly sensitive
  • Study biofluids in reaction
  • High optical throughput

25 Reflection Variable Angle ATR

  • ​Holds solids, liquids and pastes
  • 30º - 60º angle of incidence
  • Choice of crystal materials

Silver Gate Evolution Top Plates & Spares

  • ZnSe, Ge, Si recessed crystal plate
  • ZnSe, Ge, Si flat crystal plate
  • Germanium top-plate