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FTIR Spectrometer Accessories

The Specac range of FTIR accessories fit into most modern spectrometers easily. Accessories include liquid and gas transmission cells, ATR reflectance devices and more. Browse our spectroscopy accessories and get in touch.

Arrow silicon ATR consumable

  • ​Silicon ATR consumable
  • Developed for Quest
  • Starter kit available

Quest | High throughput ATR accessory

  • Diamond, ZnSe, Ge, Si
  • Flat or liquid puck configuration
  • Arrow™ consumable ATR
  • Heated diamond or Znse puck (max. 110 °C)

Golden Gate | Advanced diamond ATR accessories

  • Robust, rugged diamond ATR
  • Heated, cooled, & reaction cells
  • USB temperature controller

Atmos | Heatable long pathlength gas cells

  • High signal-to-noise
  • Chemically compatible materials
  • Prevent condensation with heating jacket

Pearl | Liquid transmission accessory

  • Measure viscous oils with ease
  • Repeatable pathlength
  • Very easy cleaning

Omni-Cell | Traditional liquid transmission cell

  • Simple transmission cell system
  • Takes a wide range of windows
  • Easily flush with solvents

Storm 10 cm | Short pathlength gas cells

  • For high-concentration species
  • Glass or metal body construction
  • 250 °C heated version available

High Temperature High Pressure cell

  • In-situ measurement of solids
  • Readily quantifiable absorbance
  • Controlled sample atmosphere

Electrical Heating Jacket

  • For Advanced Liquid Cells
  • Ambient to 150ºC
  • Slide-mounted

Variable Temperature transmission cell holder

  • Study low T rates & mechanisms
  • Usable from IR to UV
  • 4-port versions for fluorimetry

Infrared Microscopy Accessory | SurveyIR

  • High quality IR microscopy
  • Ergonomic design
  • Variable IR mask

Diamond Compression Cell | Solid FTIR Accessory

  • For FTIR and IR microscopes
  • High working pressure
  • Stainless steel body

Spectroscopy Sample Packs

  • Basic/Advanced Solid Pack
  • Liquid/Gas Pack
  • Oil in Water Kit

Liquid Transmission Windows | FTIR

  • Pearl, VT Cell, Omni-Cell
  • Variable Pathlength Cell
  • Heatable Liquid Cell

FTIR Kits | Spectroscopy Kits

  • Basic/Advanced Starter Kit
  • Research Starter Kit
  • Analyst Starter Kit