21 Sep 2021

Specac launch NEW Heated Puck accessory for the Questâ„¢ ATR

Specac are delighted to announce the launch of an all-new heated puck for the market-leading Quest™ ATR. It is capable of analysing both liquid and solid samples at up to 110 °C. Systems that may be studied at this temperature include soaps, oils, trans-fats, and proteins. The puck makes use of monolithic diamond ATR crystals, with ZnSe as an option. Diamond is best for most applications, having excellent physical toughness and chemical resistance, while ZnSe can be useful in the regions where diamond has phonon absorbances.

The stability and accuracy of temperature control is enhanced through the use of a high-precision 4-wire RTD sensor, while the use of monolithic diamond ATR crystals makes the accessory as robust and as chemically resistant as the standard Quest ATR. For the diamond material, in particular, we avoid the use of laminated diamond/ZnSe of our competitors, which is prone to breakage under point loads and narrows the spectral range of the accessory.

The temperature of the accessory is controlled from a PC app which plots the current accessory temperature against experiment time, along with the target temperature the program is trying to reach. Several temperature “ramps” and “dwells” may be programmed in the app’s program editor.

See the video below for a demonstration of the Quest Heated Puck in action:

We have already demonstrated the use of the Quest Heated Puck in two different temperature-controlled experiments: one looking at the phase transition temperature of a soap/stearic acid system, the other for analysing the physical separation of butter into solid and liquid phases.

You can read more on these below:

For more information contact your local dealer or email sales@specac.com.

Summary of Key Features

  • Heat liquid and solid samples up to 110 °C
  • Accurate and stable temperature measurement via 4-wire RTD sensor
  • Superior physical and chemical robustness provided by monolithic diamond ATR crystals
  • Setting and logging temperature made simple by PC software and compact USB interface
  • Retrofits to all Quest family accessories