28 Jul 2021

High temperature analysis of coal samples with the HT/HP cell

Coal is produced over millions of years from underground sediments subject to heat and pressure, in a process known as coalification. The resulting coals are ranked according to their total carbon content and heating value. When analysing coal samples using FTIR one can quantitatively measure chemical composition and monitor coal deterioration through changes in absorbance at different temperatures during the process of oxidation.
This application note shows how you can use Specac’s High Temperature/High Pressure cell for analysis of coals.

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High Temperature / High Pressure Cell
High optical throughput reaction chamber for IR analysis in multiple configurations: transmission, reflectance, and decomposition.
  • Sealed sample chamber with controlled atmosphere
  • Temperature up to 800 °C / Pressure from vacuum to 68 bar (1000 psi)
  • Converts to specular reflectance mode for opaque or reflective samples using external mirrors
  • Sample pans allow analysis of gases released from thermal decomposition of solids
  • Unmatched performance
  • Ideal for characterisation of coal, catalysts, resins/polymers, ceramics, and minerals