7 Dec 2020

David Smith appointed Commercial Director at Specac

After twelve years in the role of Managing Director, today I pass the baton of leadership of Specac Ltd to Shannon Postma.
What a journey I’ve had, and what a privilege and honour it’s been to have been entrusted with the reins of such a wonderful company, Many thanks to all of the stakeholders for giving me such an opportunity, and more importantly, thank you to all of the friends and colleagues that have worked at Specac over that time.
To them I say, thank you for trusting me to represent your interests. I hope I’ve put people before task, promoted creativity and most importantly, followed my own mantra that will be familiar to colleagues, ‘be bold and have fun.’
I will not claim any of the success that Specac has achieved in recent years as my own. Progression only comes through teamwork, and it is only through our combined effort that we found ourselves free from the constraints of ownership by a multinational company, and were able to achieve the signal honour of a Queen’s Award for International Trade in 2018.
Those that know me will know that I think of myself as a recovering accountant. I’ve never shaken off my interest in the analysis of numbers. However, as my career has gone on, I’ve become more and more commercially focused, and I’m delighted to have been given the opportunity to shape Specac’s drive into new application areas.
We’re particularly interested in diagnostics and analytics, especially in medical areas, which we see as potentially, though not exclusively, as a natural development in our FTIR space. Process analytics is an adjacent area in which we also have lots of experience that we intend to focus on. We think we can make a real difference in these areas with our existing and new products.
Shannon is an Australian national who has led businesses across a range of sizes, locations and fields, most recently as General Manager of The Galloway Group in Australia. He brings a wealth of experience in the skills that will be required to take Specac through the next phase of its development. All of the people you know at Specac will report into Shannon from now on.
I guess this kind of move within a business is not all that common, however, after twelve years, I believe that it is time for our team to have ‘a new voice in the dressing room.’ I’m sure you’ll give Shannon all your support, and I look forward to working with him to grow and improve our fabulous company.