14 Jul 2020

A brand new direction for ATR – Specac Arrow TM

Specac is launching another new product for its market leading Quest™ ATR accessory.

It is called the Arrow™ and it is set to transform the routine analysis of liquids in the laboratory, making it faster and easier than ever before to make a rapid assessment of a range of liquid analytes.

The easy to use consumable silicon ATR slide, made from recycled polypropylene, requires no sample preparation, and batches of slides can be prepared away from the spectrometer, ideal for handling difficult samples and boosting productivity.

And because they are consumable, there is no cleaning required between each test, which is an added bonus, especially if the sample is dangerous, corrosive or difficult to remove. This means no danger of cross-contamination.

Even better, the Arrow™ is retrofittable if your existing ATR is part of the Quest™ family. All you need is an Arrow™ puck and a box of slides and you’re ready to go!

The Arrow™ now forms part of an ever-increasing range of pucks that we offer with the Quest™ ATR. The range now includes Diamond, ZnSe, Germanium, Specular Reflectance and the soon to be launched Heated Puck.

The Arrow™, Zero Cleaning, Zero Risk, Zero Hassle.

*Patent pending on Arrow™ silicon ATR consumable