7 Apr 2020

New: 2020 XRF Sample Preparation Catalogue

We have updated and improved our XRF sample preparation catalogue for 2020. Click here to read.

Now including our game changing Apex™ Quick Release Die, which together with our compact Autotouch press offers the only high throughput press in benchtop format. It features an automated pressing cycle especially designed for mining, cement, metals and all other customers who use routine XRF analysis

We recognise the value fast and reliable sample preparation has in X-Ray fluorescence spectrometry, which is normally used in demanding applications and industries. We focus in creating innovative ways to make it easier and more accessible for users to be able to quickly analyse their samples. We offer the only high throughput semi-automated benchtop press, eliminating user intervention during the pressing stage, all in a small footprint format. We are continuously developing new products to keep up with the needs of sample preparation in XRF.

In this video, our XRF product manager Alejandro Tomassi talks through our XRF product offering.  When you’ve watched it, don’t forget to click through the link below to browse the catalogue!