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  • 26Mar '20

    Gas Analysis In Material Processing Industries

    Infrared spectroscopy of gases is a well-established technique for identifying and quantifying gaseous species in an environment. It is especially useful for detecting environmental leakage of gases from process plants and greenhouse emissions from burning fossil fuels because it is not sensitive to diatomic O2 and N2 – the major constituents of air.

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  • 24Mar '20

    Coronavirus update

    We want to reassure our colleagues, customers and the community that Specac Limited is following UK government advice at all times  Our office staff are working from home, we are working at near full capacity in production, while maximising the social distancing of our staff onto two shifts.

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  • 23Mar '20

    Powder Compaction Process

    Composites have become widely used in aerospace and automotive applications, including for many critical components such as pistons and conrods, and other structural elements.

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