28 Mar 2019

Gold Seal of Quality awarded to Manual Hydraulic Press

We are delighted to announce that SelectScience® have awarded Specac's Manual Hydraulic Press with their prized Gold Seal of Quality. The Manual Press is now one of only eight products with this achievement. Thank you to all the scientists who reviewed us, from Britain to the USA, from Malaysia to Chile and beyond.

Manual Hydraulic Press has won Gold for Quality

David Smith, Specac Ltd's Managing Director, had this to say,

"The Manual Press is one of Specac’s most enduring products. With a couple of updates, it is essentially the same product as it was when Specac was founded, in 1971. Designing and manufacturing high specification products with high quality workmanship was a key part of Specac’s offering then and it remains the case today. "

david smith managing director

An award based on independent reviews

The Gold Seal is presented to any company whose product has managed to attain over 100 customer reviews on SelectScience® with an average rating of at least 4.5 stars out of five. The Manual Press currently stands at 4.5 stars with 117 reviews, as of today. These reviews are vetted by SelectScience® to ensure they are genuine.

SelectScience® presented Specac Sales Manager, Colin Robinson with the award at Pittcon 2019.

Colin Robinson holding the Gold Seal of Quality award

Source: SelectScience®

For more information, visit the full article on SelectScience's website here.

From Mark Williams, the Quality Assurance Manager at Specac,

"It is Specac’s  mission to achieve and maintain excellence in its chosen market of manufacture and supply of spectroscopy accessories to users worldwide through key customer and supplier partnerships, superior service, technology and product leadership."

Manual Hydraulic Press Reviews

Here is a selection of some of the more recent reviews for this product, from a range of end users including Universities, Research Laboratories and more.

manual hydraulic pellet press


Mentioned benefits of the Manual Hydraulic Lab Press include:

  • low maintenance operation
  • robust and reliable build quality 
  • lack of user training required
  • consistent pellet and film quality
  • great after-sales support
  • low cost of ownership

A lab classic

The Manual Hydraulic Press has been in product at Specac for decades and is one of the lab workhorses known worldwide for its reliability and consistent sample preparation quality.

From Clive Moss, Spectroscopist at Specac,

"A Manual Hydraulic Press might be considered a relatively inconsequential and humble piece of equipment. However, Specac has been providing 15 and 25 ton versions of such presses to the satisfaction of our customers for many years in terms of their quality, reliability and constancy of operation.
"When looking to press a wide variety of solid samples in preparation for many testing applications, a Specac manual hydraulic press may be the most important tool you will need, which can always be relied upon."

Sun Chemical Ltd are still using the same Manual Hydraulic Press after 30 years. Read more here.

Make the most out of your Manual Press

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