20 Feb 2019

Specac Relocation in 2019 and Brexit statement

2019 is going to be another exciting year of development for Specac. Later this year, around May, we will be relocating to a brand-new UK headquarters, only 1km down the road in Orpington, South East London.

The new Specac site for 2019

The new facility will give us greater production capacity and the opportunity to invest in new ways of working, which we believe will allow us to improve our quality and customer service. It will also be a location that we are proud to show off to customers and suppliers alike, as well as our local community. Our staff are heavily involved in designing the new workspace, including a demonstration laboratory, and we all share a great excitement for the move.

As part of our relocation, there will be a short period during which we will not be able to manufacture finished goods. In preparation for this, we have been building additional inventory of all of our most popular products. We can’t make everything, because not all of the products we offer are ordered regularly. This may mean that for some of our products that are ordered less frequently, there may be a short-term, extended lead time during April, May and June. 

As a UK business, you might also be interested in how we (and you) might be affected by Brexit. We are scheduled to leave the EU on 29thMarch 2019. As yet, the Withdrawal Agreement has not been approved. There remains the possibility that we will leave on that date with ‘no-deal’, which may result in some short-term delays in customs clearance and shipping. 

Whatever the outcome of Brexit, Specac’s response is very straightforward. We will make it our mission to achieve business as usual. We want to maintain all of our existing partner relationships, and we plan to overcome any logistical difficulties with the minimum of fuss. Should new tariffs be required, we believe they will be insignificant, and we would not expect to have to pass any additional cost on to you. Fundamentally, we intend to continue with frictionless trade, and we are open for business.

David Smith Managing Director of Specac Ltd

David Smith
Managing Director – Specac Ltd
February 2019