12 Nov 2018

Golden Gate ATR wizard

Golden Gate Standard: GS10500

A sensitive, robust and versatile ATR accessory, designed for the latest high performance FTIR spectrometers.

  • Powdered drugs/narcotics
  • Agricultural/Food/Bio
  • Polymers

Golden Gate Heated: GS10542

High temperature/heated top plate options, allowing sample heating from ambient to 200°C.

  • Samples at various temperatures
  • Heated Soil
  • Heated Pharmaceuticals

Golden Gate High Temperature: GS10642

High temperature/heated top plate options, allowing sample heating from ambient to 300°C

  • Temperatures up to 300°C

Golden Gate Low Temperature: GS10592

ATR accessory for measurement of solids and liquids from ambient to near liquid nitrogen temperatures.

  • Study frozen food
  • Analyze reactive intermediates

Golden Gate Germanium: GS10516

Germanium is the ideal choice for samples such as those containing high concentrations of carbon black.

  • Study carbon black

Golden Gate Supercritical Fluids: GS10586

A high temperature, high pressure, low volume accessory for supercritical fluids.

  • Supercritical & near supercritical fluids
  • Polymers in extreme conditions
  • In-situ analysis in extreme heat/pressure

Golden Gate Micro-Specular Reflectance: GS10523

Golden Gate Accessory with Micro Specular Reflectance Top Plate and KRS-5 lenses.

  • Reflective studies

Golden Gate Reaction Cell: GS10525

A high temperature/high pressure (to 3000psi) reaction chamber with optional integrated stirring.

  • Acidic reactions
  • Slurries & abrasive particulates
  • Caustic solutions
  • Blending/mixing analysis


The Golden Gate ATR is an industry-leading FTIR spectrometer accessory. Click on the various buttons to explore the different ATR solutions provided for with  the Golden Gate variations. Feel free to request pricing for a no-obligation estimate from one of our specialists.

To download some PDF application notes and learn more about the Golden Gate ATR accessory range, visit the Golden Gate ATR product page.

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