15 Feb 2018

Video: Extract pellets faster than ever | Spectroscopy Guides

An exciting new example of British Engineering, the 'ApexTM' Quick Release Die is an intuitive solution to awkward and time-consuming sample pellet extraction.

The ApexTM boasts a pellet auto-eject function, which presents the finished sample pellet to be collected after compression. This eliminates the time-consuming and potentially pellet-damaging process of dissembling the die and removing the pellet by hand.

The Apex Quick Release Pellet Die is a new essential for your spectroscopic analysis. It release pellets quicker than any other free-standing die.

Watch the video of the 'ApexTM' Die in action

Learn more by watching the new 'ApexTM' Quick Release Die in use, in the following video.

This die works best with the Autotouch automatic hydraulic press, which is programmed to automatically apply the necessary loading cycle and maximize the Apex's efficient auto-eject function. However, the die operates well with all Atlas presses.

How to auto-extract pellets from the 'ApexTM' Die

Read these steps on how to quickly prepare and extract spectroscopy sample pellets from the new 'Apex' Die.

  1. load the 'ApexTM' Die with your ground sample

    Load the ApexTM with ground/powdered sample, as you would any usual sample die.
  2. insert into hydraulic press and engage load

    Using the Autotouch Hydraulic Press, you are able to set the loading cycle to automatically allow the 'ApexTM' to engage extraction tabs and present pellet.
  3. upon the rising anvil following compression, 'ApexTM' Die tabs will rise

    Extraction tabs will present automatically, as the load pressure is removed.
  4. re-apply load to eject sample pellet automatically

    As pressure is placed upon the extraction tabs, the pellet will be raised and presented for easy handling. This stage is done manually in hand-operated presses.
  5. remove pellet by hand, easily!

Try the 'ApexTM' Die for yourself at a trade show

Discuss the 'ApexTM' Quick Release Die with a Specac representative at an upcoming conference and try it out for yourself:

  • Pittcon February 2018, booth 2354
  • ACS March 2018, booth 432
  • Analytica April 2018, hall A2, booth 415
  • Achema 2018, hall 4.2, booth A77
Contact us to arrange a coffee and a chat at one of these shows.