3 Oct 2017

What do I need to start FTIR analysis? | Spectroscopy Guides

Specac has been a valued supplier of accessories of FTIR spectrometer accessories for over 45 years. Using this considerable experience, we have created a range of FTIR Starter Kits, based around our range of proven accessories.


The Basic Starter Kit is perfect for simple liquid or solid analysis using spectroscopy.

Each FTIR Starter Kit is the result of combining modular application packs to form a kit that meets the specific needs of the user – and is configured to include a wide range of essential accessories, offering everything a spectroscopist will need to analyze a wide range of sample types.

If you want more information on using Specac's FTIR Kits and Sample Packs, get in touch for a price and demonstration.

Simply choose which packs you are interested in and which best meets your needs.

What is included with FTIR Starter Kits?

FTIR Starter Kits Selector

  Basic Starter Kit Analyst Starter Kit Research Starter Kit Advanced StarterKit
Part Number GS01180 GS01185 GS01190 GS01195
Liquid Pack
Basic Solid Pack    
Advanced Solid Pack    
Quest ATR    
+ Gas Pack GS01181 GS01186 GS01191 GS01196

What is included in Sample Packs?

Liquid Pack – GS01140

Part No. Description
GS01110 Luer Syringe 2 ml
GS01800 Omni-Cell Assembly
GS01811 KBr windows (pair) for liquids
GS01812 CaF2 windows (pair) for liquids
GS01831 KBr windows (pair) for mulls
GS01864 Assorted PTFE spacers (pk of 10 for liquid cells)
GS01871 PTFE  0.1 mm spacers (pk of 5 for mull cells)
GS01620 Bottle of Nujol (25 ml)
GS01621 Bottle of Fluorolube (25 ml)
GS03610 KBr Powder (50 g)

Basic Solid Pack – GS01150

Part No. Description
GS03940 Mini-Pellet Press (2 T)
GS03950 7 mm Pellet Die including Pellet Ring Holder
GS03951 7 mm Spare Pellet Ring Holder
GS03600 Pestle and Mortar
GS03610 KBr Powder (50 g)
GS03960 7 mm Disc Holder with Rectangular Mount

Advanced Solid Pack – GS01160

This is the perfect tool for preparing and analyzing solid samples using FTIR spectroscopy.

Part No. Description
GS15011 15 T Manual Hydraulic Press
GS03600 Pestle and Mortar
GS03610 KBr Powder (50 g)
GS03410 13 mm Disc Holder with Rectangular Mount
GS03000 13 mm Evacuable Pellet Die

Gas Pack – GS01170

Part No. Description
GS05021 KBr Windows (pair)
GS05030 Storm 10 cm Cell Mount 
GS05000 Storm 10 cm Pyrex Cell Gas Cell (body only)
GS05040 Storm 10 cm Complete Seal Kit

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