22 Mar 2016

Safety testing drinking water

Apparently a glass of water can help you perform better in exams, giving some students a boost of a grade when consumed in the exam hall.


Unless the answers were floating inside the glasses and bottles in the form of ice cubes, it was probably because brain cells can process and transfer information better when well hydrated.

But what about when water makes you ill? E-coli and other nasties can find their way into your system through bottled mineral water. Pseudomonas aeruginosa can even reproduce in nutrient-restricted environments, such as sealed bottles of water.

And what about the water that finds its way to you through your tap? After being gathered from reservoirs, boreholes and rivers, the water is sent to the water treatment works, water towers and service reservoirs and then finally the water mains. Then we can all take it out of our taps and into our glasses.

Anglian Water throughly test their water for contaminants and in 2014 found only 80 failed tests out of 97,958. They even test for odor and taste failures!

The Pearl liquid FTIR transmission spectrometer accessory is Specac's latest innovation and we proudly believe it is one of the best ways to quality check any liquid, including water. 


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