18 Feb 2016

Test paint using the Quest ATR accessory

The spectral value of paint can be quickly and accurately measured with the Quest ATR spectrometer accessory.


Paint production requires stringent quality control. From viscosity to dispersion and even fire-resistance, paint is tested thoroughly to ensure it meets the trademark quality of its producer.


Spectral analysis is used in some of the most important steps of this quality control.

With ATR-IR spectroscopy, the spectral blueprint of a paint’s colour can be found and compared to that of the benchmark standard.

What if your paint is too harmful for the market? Some paints contain polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) as a bi-product of pigment production. Even in small concentrations PCBs can be harmful after prolonged exposure.

Using the Quest ATR-IR method of sample measurement, a microgram-scale quantity of sample can be enough to establish a quality measurement of safety for a tub of paint, or for many thousands of gallons. The process of measurement is quick, easy and very accurate. No more grinding samples and no need to make pellets.


And with Quest, the paint sample can be tested when dried, in a semi-solid state or in a completely liquid form, giving you ultimate sampling flexibility.

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