About Specac

At Specac, we are justifiably proud of our pedigree in providing accurate and reliable IR and FTIR sample handling accessories to academic, industrial and research institutions worldwide. Spectroscopists around the globe have depended continually upon Specac for innovative products that keep pace with the changing needs of their markets.

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The driving force behind our expansion and change over the years has been our commitment to achieving total customer satisfaction. Our leading edge solutions for infrared spectroscopy have continued to deliver results in the fast changing environments of both the laboratory and process plant.

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Research & Industrial Instruments was founded in 1954 by Dr. Tadion to serve the market for sample handling devices. In 1955 he joined forces with Terry Horsley, Harry Merralls, and Stan Ranson, and the company continued growing quickly. In 1965 Bernard Hawker also joined them in their enterprises.

In 1968 Research & Industrial Instruments was acquired by Beckman Instruments, but in 1970, Beckman relocated to Scotland. In January 1971 Bernard Hawker and Stan Ranson started their own company, ‘Spectroscopic Accessories’, manufacturing graphite disks. In March 1971 Terry Horsley and Harry Merralls were invited to join this new company, to strengthen the optics manufacturing element of the business, and Analytical Accessories Ltd was formed. The range of products grew and they soon provided infrared accessories, optical components and mounts, HPLC valves, and far infrared instruments.

The name ‘SPECAC’ originated from a shipping agent deciding that “Spectroscopic Accessories Company” was too long.

By December 1984, Specac had built up a reliable worldwide network, and became a member of the Defence and Instrumentation Division of Cambridge Electronics Industries (which later changed its name to Graseby plc). 1990 saw the development of a strategic plan to develop the company into a leading edge FTIR sample handling accessory manufacturer, and in 1994 the company relocated into a purpose built building.

In 1997 Specac became part of Smiths Group, one of the UK's largest companies.

Specac Today

In 2015 Specac was purchased from Smiths Group by members of the executive team in partnership with the Venture Capital Trust Company, The Foresight Group. Specac now employs around 60 people worldwide, with offices in the USA and the UK and a network of distributors and dealers worldwide.