Environmental Policy

The Directors and Managers of Specac Limited recognise the social and economic importance of protecting the enviroment and are fully committed to complying with all Environmental Statutory and Regulatory requirements.

To support the stated commitment, it is management policy to integrate environmental considerations into the business decision making process.

In order to maintain and sustain the Company's Environmental Policy, it is necessary that every reasonable means is used to:

  • comply with applicable legal requirements and with other requirements to which Specac Limited subscribes, relating to the environment 
  • remain committed to the reduction of pollution
  • measure the business operations to provide the framework for setting and reviewing of environmental objectives and targets
  • make economic use of energy, water and other materials, to minimise waste in all areas possible
  • review regularly the environmental impact, resulting from business operations, and remain fully informed of changes to legal and other requirements, as well as recognised best practices
  • communicate this policy to all interested parties, including company customers, suppliers and employees, and encourage their active involvement in environmental issues

The Managing Director has the overall and final responsibility for the Environmental Policy with the Managment Representative responsible for the co-ordination, implementation and monitoring of the policy throughout the organiasation and ensuring that the policy is reviewed annually.

Management throughout the organisation are responsible for the communication of the policy and promoting active participation at all levels, whilst ensuring that activities under their control conform to the legal requirements and that good environmental standards are achieved and maintained.

Employees have the responsibility to actively support the company to ensure the effective implementaion and mantenance of the policy.



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11th February 2016


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