Ecommerce Policy

Ecommerce is currently active on the Specac website for UK customers only.

Lead times are estimated and sorted into various grades. The normal lead time is 2 weeks, but there are exceptions.

We are rolling out ecommerce over an increasing range of products and intend to eventually provide this service worldwide.


If you are not fully satisfied with your products, we’re here to help.
In the case where the condition of your purchased item is inferior than advertised by Specac Ltd, you may return the item for a full refund (including the cost of return shipping). Contact us and return the product by delivery (paid for by you). If we find the fault mentioned, a refund will be issued, including the cost of the item return delivery. Full receipts for shipping and proof of purchase from Specac Ltd needs to be provided.


The standard delivery time for ecommerce products within the UK is set at 2 weeks. However, a longer delivery time may be stated in certain cases.


Payments for the website ecommerce system is currently process through a SagePay gateway/portal.