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    Specac manufactures accessories for spectrometers, FTIR and XRF sample preparation equipment and a range of polarizers (as well as bespoke optics solutions). Get in touch to buy FTIR equipment and other tools.


    Get in touch online for an explanation of how our equipment can help you. We're always eager to help so please ask us any questions.

    Specac operates around the world and is represented by employees in the UK, USA and China. Thriving since 1971, the company's success is thanks to a commitment to product quality and customer service.

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    • 17Nov '21

      Choosing the right ATR crystal

      In the third and final part in our series by our Application Scientist, Andrew Davies, he explains the factors behind choosing the right ATR crystal and sample plate options.

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    • 12Nov '21

      Depth of penetration for ATR measurements

      ATR has become the dominant method for obtaining a spectrum of a solid sample. The ATR method exploits a phenomenon whereby an evanescent wave of infinite wavelength is generated at the interface of an IRE

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