High Temperature Film Maker Accessory with temperature controller (specify country)

High Temperature Film Maker

Prepare polymer films for analysis

The constant thickness film-maker accessory is ideal for the preparation of reproducible thickness polymer films. The films produced are 29mm in diameter and can be varied in thickness by using a set spacing ring. The accessory is designed with its own internal heated platens and is water-cooled which allows for a maximum temperature of 400°C. This accessory also includes a kit for producing aluminium foil sample cups.

Everything you need to produce thin films

The High Temperature Film-Maker Kit I provides everything required to produce thin films from sample materials at temperatures of up to 400°C.

The High Temperature Film-Maker Accessory has a set of heated platens built in and can turn samples into thin films at temperatures of up to 400°C.

The High Temperature Film-Maker Accessory has a load limit of 2 tons, although a 1 ton usually provide acceptable results, this pressure is typically supplied using the 15 Ton Manual Hydralic Press.

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High Temperature Film Maker
  • Atlas High Temperature Film Maker Accessory and temperature controller GS15800
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  • Up to 400 ºC operation
  • 10 minute cycle time
  • CE Safety Approved
  • Integral heating and cooling
  • 2 Ton load limit
  • 0.015, 0.025, 0.050, 0.100, 0.250, 0.500 mm films of 29 mm diameter
  • Easy film release