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Heated Golden Gate ATR

Single reflection diamond ATR accessory

Specac’s Heated Golden Gate™ ATR Accessory is a high performance single reflection monolithic diamond ATR product offer for spectroscopic sample analysis of samples up to 200°C. As with Specac’s standard Golden Gate™ ATR Accessory, this product features a Type IIIA diamond ATR element metal-bonded into a tungsten carbide mount to provide outstanding durability and exceptional chemical resistance. The robust design, strength, and inherent inertness  of the Golden Gate™ diamond ATR element allows this ATR accessory to be used to achieve high-quality spectral data in the analysis of a broad range of materials including those that are abrasive, hard, reactive, or corrosive.


The design of the Heated Golden Gate™ ATR couples the uniquely high thermal conductivity of diamond with a low thermal mass mount in which high power heaters are placed in close proximity to the diamond element to deliver both rapid and efficient, and gives a high degree of temperature control. This facilitates rapid sample analysis. The Heated Golden Gate™ ATR is supplied with a temperature controller with digital readout to 1°C. Low voltage heaters are used, and thermal fuses are fitted as standard for added safety. The controller complies with European CE regulations.


The Heated Golden Gate™ ATR is a Benchmark™ baseplate compatible accessory. ZnSe and KRS-5 lens options are available when ordering the Golden Gate™ ATR; KRS-5 gives a wider range of Mid-IR studies than ZnSe, but with reduced optical throughput.


Features and Benefits

  • Heatable to 200°C with 1°C readout
  • Low thermal mass ATR element
  • Low voltage heaters
  • Thermal safety fuses
  • Robust diamond ATR element
  • Programmable temperature control with RS232 compatibility
  • Complies with CE regulations


Ordering Information

GS10542 – Heated Golden Gate™ MkII ATR Accessory

Heated Golden Gate ATR


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