24 May 2017

ATR spectrometer accessory reviews

Select Science have conducted a customer satisfaction survey on behalf of Specac, getting in touch with end-users who are signed up to Select Science and have experience of using Specac equipment. This is a brief summary of reviews based around our Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) spectrometer accessories.

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Quest ATR spectrometer accessory reviews

Reviews of our Quest ATR commented on its consistent performance, versatility across various sample types, ease-of-use, high throughput and durability. Read through the reviews below.

  • "This ATR is so easy to use. We have been testing liquids, powders (deposits) and plastics with absolutely no problems for the last 3 years. We see no loss of performance. Easy to clip in and out of our Shimadzu FTIR." – Marco Nunes of Cariri
  • "The Quest is a versatile ATR accessory, due to the easily interchangeable ATR 'pucks' that allow rapid switching over a broad spectral range and sample requirement. Of particular note is the use of all-reflective optics and the availability of an extended-range diamond option. This places the Quest amongst the best ATR accessories available for both routine characterisation and more demanding applications in a research environment." – Phillip Ash of University of Oxford
  • "Allows us to have a much quicker throughput by reducing sample prep. time and allows successful handling of small samples by students." – John Woodard of Chapman University
  • "This product is fantastic, we replaced the old plates in our IRs with these as they were continuously getting damaged and misused in the teaching labs. These diamond ATR units are practically indestructible and extremely easy to clean and can be swapped out for liquid or gas cells very easily." – Susan Gannon of University of Glasgow
  • "Very valuable tool when fast turnaround is required. Perfect for organic chemistry practicals." – Peter Brien of Trinity College Dublin
  • "This is a simple to use high quality ATR for FTIR, a good accessory to add to a standard instrument." – Robert Jacobs of University of Oxford
Visit the Quest ATR product page on Select Science to see the reviews first hand.

Golden Gate ATR spectrometer accessory reviews

Reviews of our Golden Gate ATR accessory included mention of its long-term durability, accuracy, simplicity and high quality spectra.

  • "Had two of these for over 10 years. They have been robust, easy to use, reliable, accurate and provide rapid analysis." – Gordon Allison of Aberystwyth University
  • "I've been using one of these for over 20 years now, producing excellent quality spectra for all types of materials from corrosive, volatiles liquids to hard, crystalline solids and everything between. It is a very robust product, very simple to use and keep clean. Can be used in both research and QC/factory environments." – Dave Clark of International Paint
  • "Very easy to use ATR. Quick, high quality IR spectra produced, using only a few mg." – Sami Goussous of Cambridge University
Visit the Golden Gate ATR product page on Select Science to see the reviews first hand.

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