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Evacuable Pellet Press Dies for high quality spectroscopy pellets

Specac manufactures a wide range of high-quality Atlas Series Evacuable Pellet Press Dies suitable compacting powdered samples into discs or briquettes.

Specac pellet dies make excellent xrf dies, kbr dies and other ftir dies for solid spectroscopy sample preparation.

These pellet press die sets are particularly well suited for the preparation of solid KBr pellets for FTIR molecular spectroscopic analysis and XRF pellets for X-Ray Fluorescence atomic spectroscopic analysis (as required by a number of USLP and ASTM methods). But they also find use in a broad range of other applications.

Difference between FTIR and XRF pellet dies

  • FTIR pellet die sets hold samples while they are pressed inside a hydraulic press for spectroscopic analytical sample preparation. They are usually used in conjunction with  potassium bromide powder.
  • XRF pellet die sets are generally designed to hold samples inside a hydraulic press for pressing of pellets with a larger surface area/diameter than most FTIR pellets, due to the requirements of XRF. X-ray powder is often used as a binder.

Specac's Evacuable Pellet Dies produce circular pellets in sizes from 5 mm to 40 mm diameter as standard, but other shapes and sizes are available on request. These pellet dies cover a range of load capabilities.

For optimum quality and durability of the pellet die, all parts are manufactured from hardened stainless steel, and surfaces that come in contact with the sample are highly polished. Each Pellet Die comprises an evacuable base, body, plunger, set of pellets, extractor ring, and O Ring Kit.

Up to 25 ton pellet die

The Atlas™ Lightweight Evacuable Pellet Dies have been specifically designed to work with the range of Atlas™ automatic presses up to a maximum load rating of 25 tons. The dies are also compatible for use with Specac's 15 and 25 ton Manual Hydraulic Presses.

They are well suited for the preparation of solid pellets for study by X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF). When many samples are prepared for study, the physical effort required to load and remove an Atlas™ Lightweight Evacuable Pellet Die into a press is greatly reduced, as the dies themselves are physically smaller and lighter in weight by comparison to the conventional 32mm and 40mm pellet dies.

Small KBr pellet die

A 7mm Pellet Die for use with the Mini-Pellet Press.

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Read some of our user reviews of pellet press dies:

  • "The Evacuable Pellet Dies are easy to use and reliable. They are also very rugged and can be used many times without indication of wear" – Katie Copenhaver of Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • "These Dies are the best of their kind. I have tried other brands and they do not work as well or last the same. If properly cleaned and stored they are eternal" – Leopoldo Suescun of the Faculty of Chemistry, University of the Republic
  • "The product is easy to use and the ability to remove the air means less chance of expansion and cracking when the pressure is released" – Bill Hood of Colorado Mesa University
  • "Great design, very versatile, high quality and durable. Low maintenance" – Jun Wang of Sabic

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Evacuable Pellet Die
  • Evacuable Pellet Die 5mm A complete 5mm Diameter Evacuable Pellet Die. GS03060
  • Evacuable Pellet Die 10mm A complete 10mm Diameter Evacuable Pellet Die. GS03100
  • Evacuable Pellet Die 13mm A complete 13mm Diameter Evacuable Pellet Die. GS03000
  • Evacuable Pellet Die 20mm A complete 20mm Diameter Evacuable Pellet Die. GS03165
  • Evacuable Pellet Die 40mm A complete 40mm Diameter Evacuable Pellet Die. GS03290
  • Evacuable Pellet Die 32mm A complete 32mm Diameter Evacuable Pellet Die. GS03300
Lightweight Die Complete
  • 32mm Atlas Lightweight Die A 32mm diameter Atlas Lightweight Pellet Die. GS25410
  • 40mm Atlas Lightweight Die A 40mm diameter Atlas Lightweight Pellet Die. GS25411
Mini-Press Die
  • Mini-Press 7mm Die A 7mm Pellet Die (complete) for use with the Mini-Pellet Press. GS03950
Data Sheets
  • Evacuable Pellet Dies Datasheet

    Specac manufactures a wide range of high-quality Atlas Series Evacuable Pellet Dies suitable compacting powdered samples into discs or briquettes.
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  • Ideal for producing high-quality pellets
  • Evacuable for sample pellet clarity and quality
  • Hardened Stainless Steel for durability
  • Highly Polished Pellets
  • Wide range of sizes and load capabilities
  • Buy FTIR or XRF die