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FTIR Accessories

The Specac range of FTIR accessories fit into most modern spectrometers easily. Accessories include liquid and gas transmission cells, ATR reflectance devices and more. Browse our spectroscopy accessories and get in touch.

Quest | Reliable ATR Accessory

  • Monolithic diamond ATR
  • Low sample volume
  • ZnSe + Ge pucks

Pearl | Fast Liquid FTIR Accessory

  • Easiest liquid FTIR available
  • Measurements in minutes
  • Various liquid types

Golden Gate | Versatile ATR Accessory

  • High pressure + supercritical fluid
  • Heated + low temperature
  • ZnSe and KRS-5 lenses

Omni-Cell Liquid Transmission Cell

  • Mull, demountable or sealed
  • Classic liquid cell for FTIR
  • Rugged construction

Advanced Liquid Transmission Cell

  • Heated and cooled analysis
  • Static and flow options
  • Choice of windows

Heatable Long Pathlength Gas Cells

  • Upgradeable long pathlength cell
  • High pressure/temperature
  • Excellent build quality

High Temperature High Pressure Cell

  • Transmission or Reflectance 
  • Decomposition measurement
  • Up to 800°C and 1000psi

Variable Temperature Cell/Cuvette

  • Liquid or solid sample
  • Flow mode option
  • -190°C to 250°C

Diamond Compression Cell | Solid FTIR Accessory

  • For FTIR and IR microscopes
  • High working pressure
  • Hastelloy body

Spectroscopy Sample Packs

  • Basic/Advanced Solid Pack
  • Liquid/Gas Pack
  • Oil in Water Kit

Liquid Transmission Windows | FTIR

  • Pearl, VT Cell, Omni-Cell
  • Variable Pathlength Cell
  • Heatable Liquid Cell

FTIR Kits | Spectroscopy Kits

  • Basic/Advanced Starter Kit
  • Research Starter Kit
  • Analyst Starter Kit

Vacuum Pump System

  • Vacuum for FTIR cells and Dies
  • Produce moisture free setting
  • Rigorously tested tool

Long Pathlength Gas Cells | FTIR Gas Testing

  • 1m to 20m pathlength
  • Vacuum to 15 psi
  • Glass body

Short Pathlength Gas Cell | FTIR Gas Analysis

  • Choice of material
  • 47mm diameter
  • Easy to clean