17 May 2017

Analyzing ageing rosebuds using ATR

Watch our video on analyzing rosebuds at various ages using ATR spectroscopy

Check out our new video on the spectroscopic analysis of rose buds at various stages of development, using the Quest ATR spectrometer accessory. We've also published a PDF application note, which you can find below.


The Quest ATR is great for analyzing plant bud samples because:

  • samples can be analyzed without altering their state through pellet pressing, or other sample preparation
  • even awkward samples are easy to introduce and can be cleaned away quickly, giving users a high throughput
  • changeable diamond, diamond extended-range, ZnSe and germanium pucks offer users a very broad IR spectral range

Read our application note on analyzing rosebuds at various ages using ATR spectroscopy.


We also analyzed cannabis using the Quest ATR spectrometer accessory

As ATR-FTIR spectroscopy is ideal for the analysis of plants, the emerging cannabis market is a great application for the Quest ATR spectrometer accessory.

Read our application note on the analysis of cannabis (and cocaine) using the Quest ATR spectrometer accessory.


The Quest is great for analyzing plant-life, such as cannabis

Little or no sample preparation is required, allowing the user to analyze the plant on-site, as it develops. The diamond puck also has a very wide available IR spectrum to be obtained (400-4000cm-1) which is practical for a broad range of analytical uses. The puck and anvil are excellent at easily housing solid and liquid sampels of awkward consistencies, giving the user great flexibility.

Read more about how cannabis can be analyzed using FTIR spectroscopy.

User reviews of the Quest ATR

  • "We have been testing liquids, powders (deposits) and plastics with absolutely no problems for the last 3 years" – Marco Nunes of Cariri
  • "Of particular note is the use of all-reflective optics and the availability of an extended-range diamond option" – Philip Ash of University of Oxford
  • "These diamond ATR units are practically indestructible and  extremely easy to clean and can be swapped out for liquid or gas cells very easily" – Susan Gannon of University of Glasgow‚Äč
  • "Perfect for organic chemistry practicals" – Peter Brien of Trinity College Dublin

Visit the Quest page for more information on this spectrometer accessory.

Watch our video on analyzing soil at various temperatures using ATR spectroscopy

Soil analysis is possible using ATR. We analyzed heated soil using a Golden Gate ATR spectrometer accessory fitted with the heatable option.

Read our application note on analyzing soil at various temperatures using the Golden Gate ATR spectrometer accessory

Learn more about the Golden Gate ATR spectrometer accessory

The Golden Gate ATR comes with either a ZnSe or KRS-5 lens and offers eight analysis options:

  • Standard Diamond Golden Gate
  • Heated Golden Gate
  • Reaction Cell Golden Gate
  • Low Temperature Golden Gate
  • Germanium Golden Gate
  • High Temperature Golden Gate
  • Micro-Specular Golden Gate
  • Super-Critical Fluid Golden Gate

Analyzing soil with the Golden Gate ATR is recommended because the samples can be analyzed in their native state, with little or no sample preparation, allowing on-site analysis of unspoiled soil samples. The diamond puck offers a broad IR spectrum range and the fast sample introduction/cleaning gives the user a very fast throughput

The Golden Gate ATR is Specac's tried-and-tested, industry-standard spectrometer accessory for the spectroscopic analysis of samples in the mid-and-far infrared.

User reviews of the Golden Gate ATR

  • "I've been using one of these for over 20 years now, producing excellent quality spectra for all types of materials from corrosive, volatile liquids to hard, crystalline solids and everything between. It is a very robust product, very simple-to-use and keep clean. Can be used in both research and QC/factory environments" – Dave Clark of International Paint
  • "Very easy-to-use ATR, high quality IR spectra produced, using only a few mg" – Sami Goussous of Cambridge University
  • "The Heated Golden Gate ATR Accessory is very useful, stable and lasts long. It is very easy-to-use and does great job" – Iman Khazal of University of York
  • "Had two of these for over 10 years. They have been robust, easy-to-use, reliable, accurate and provide rapid results" – Gordon Allison of Aberystwyth University

Visit the Golden Gate page for more information on this spectrometer accessory.

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