2 Feb 2017

Analyzing soil, pharmaceuticals and motor oil

Below we have three application notes which showcase some of our flagship products.



Analyzing soil with the Heated Golden Gate ATR

Our Heated Golden Gate ATR is perfect for the FTIR-ATR analysis of samples kept at higher temperatures. In this application note, we heat soil from the banks the River Cray, which runs past Specac's UK headquarters, River House. As the soil is heated, more water evaporates and the spectra changes: 


Preparing pharmaceutical samples for analysis using KBr pelleting

The Manual Pellet Press and Mini-Press are bench-top hydraulic presses. They are durable and easy-to-use, the Mini-Press being portable. In this example, we prepare pellets of pharmaceutical samples for analysis: 


Analyzing new and used motor oils using FTIR transmission analysis

The Pearl FTIR accessory is our most recent innovation, an agile liquid FTIR transmission sampling system. Using a horizontal sample cell, the Pearl can receive your liquid via syringe or pipette and is easy to clean.

You can change the pathlength without fuss, avoid fringing patterns using the wedged window option and rely on a highly repeatable pathlength.

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