9 Aug 2016

Our visit to Newcastle University

Specac travelled north to Newcastle upon Tyne in July to pay a visit to the chemical engineering labs at one of Britain's best research universities.

As part of our Education Business Partnership, we gave students the chance to try out our Quest ATR spectroscopy accessory.



Established in 1834 as a school of medicine and surgery, which joined with a college of physical science in 1871, Newcastle University now boasts membership to the prestigious Russell Group of 24 world leading research-focussed universities.

We joined Dr Attidekou and students to learn more about what they do and demonstrate to them the potential benefits of using our Quest ATR spectrometer accessory for easy sample analysis.

Students Hang and Xinxing told us their studies focused on the capture of CO2 and its conversion into some form of useful fuels. This process would require the capture of CO2 using a powerful analysis method, such as infrared spectroscopy.

Hang told us:

"The full name of my research project is 'Development of novel catalysts for CO2 electrochemical reduction'. The main target is to synthesize catalyst materials for CO2 conversion. Sometimes I need to prepare organic material (solid), such as Co-phthalocyanine. Once I have prepared the the material, I use infrared spectroscopy to check whether the the process was a success."

Across the board the Quest ATR accessory was found easy to use.