20 Jun 2016

Historic England use our Golden Gate when carbon dating Richard III's bones

Select Science recently ran a story featuring our Golden Gate ATR spectrometer accessory


Historic England, formerly English Heritage, were prescreening collagen content in archaeological bone samples at Oxford University.

Radiocarbon dating of bone samples depends on the integrity of bone collagen, the substance which tells analysts the age of the bone. So integrity tests were essential for the selection of representative samples for the multivariate analysis across a range of bones.

By analyzing a tiny amount of bone powder with our Golden Gate ATR, the quantity of nitrogen in each bone sample was determined. Nitrogen quantity proved a reliable method of determining the sample's collagen content and therefore its age. 

Dr Fiona Brock, a former lab chemist at the Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art at University of Oxford, recommended using the Golden Gate, telling Select Science "using the ATR, where you only use a small amount of powder, gives you speed for screening lots of samples."

Our newer Quest ATR spectrometer accessory is a great upgrade for ATR spectroscopy users both in the lab and other settings.

Read the article here.

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