30 Jun 2016

Evaluate cheese with Specac

Cheddar texture

In a study published in Journal of Food Science 2(3):E130-7 · May 2007, FTIR ATR spectroscopy was used to determine various quality parameters in cheddar cheese.

Read Application of Mid‐Infrared Spectroscopy to the Prediction of Maturity and Sensory Texture Attributes of Cheddar Cheese, here.

The Specac Gateway ATR spectrometer accessory was used in conjunction with an Infinity Series Fourier transform spectrometer. An incidence angle of 45◦ and 6 internal reflections were used.



FTIR spectroscopy was described as offering an "objective, nondestructive, rapid and real-time analysis" of the cheese samples.

Using the Specac Gateway ATR accessory, they were able to predict maturity and correlate spectral changes over time with four sensory texture attributes of cheese, reported by a panel.

The accessory therefore offers the ability to quantify a seemingly qualitative measurement.

Where your cheese was made

Perhaps you can tell by taste the continent or country that gave you the cheese in your sandwich.

If you can't, the European Food and Research Technology journal has the answer. Using the Specac Gateway ATR accessory with 6 internal reflections, they used multivariate analysis to correlate spectral variations across different Emmental cheeses with their origins (including Finland and Switzerland).

Read Analytical Methods for the Determination of the Geographic Origin of Emmental cheese: mid and near spectroscopy, here.

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