27 Apr 2016

Our 45th anniversary celebrations

We were at Brands Hatch Place Hotel & Spa last week for our Sapphire Anniversary at Specac.

Giant Scaletrix, a magician, drinks, food and a nice bit of reminiscing among some of the staff were on the agenda.

Ian of the Engineering team (seen in the shirt and tie, fifth from the left) was triumphant on the racetrack. His prowess at the wheel is only surpassed by that he possesses at the helm of a spectroscopic instrument.

During the party, the entire staff force queued chaotically in ascending order of how long they had been at Specac.

Our most well-seasoned member is Tony Atkins, a senior design engineer who has been with Specac since the very start. Jan Siewert has now been here the total of one week, working in assembly.

Who's who?

Meanwhile the magician read our minds, turned cards to notes of cash and used his iPhone for some of his tricks.

Find more information about magician Matt Parro here.

It's all over now, until next year. Now the team here at Specac are looking forward to our 50th anniversary.

With a range of upcoming innovations coming up to keep us busy this year and those following, we're sure time will fly.