3 Mar 2016

Do you have expertise to share?

Are you an expert in your part of the spectroscopy market? Do you follow application trends? Are you interested in how the technology of scientific testing is developing? Would you be interested in serving on a brand new panel that Specac is setting up to share insight into these issues?

Specac has decided to form the Specac Scientific Advisory Board (SSAB), a group of renumerated, external members who meet three or four times per annum to discuss developments in the market.

David Smith, Managing Director of Specac says, "Our mission is the become leaders of the IR and XRF accessory market, the go-to company for accessories and consumerables, but also for knowledge at the cutting edge of developments in the market.

"With the SSAB, we want to bring together leading industry experts, from OEM's to universities, pharma to oil and gas, researchers to media reps.

"The Board will of course give Specac invaluable insight into the direction of travel in our field, however it would also be our intention that those deliberations that are not commercially sensitive will be published for all to see. Please join us on this exciting quest."

Kevin O'Donovan, Chariman of Specac International Board of Directors says, "I warmly welcome this development. In my time with Specac, I've seen the drive to make a difference in the market and I believe that the new Scientific Advisory Board will combine some important insight for Specac as well as sharing knowledge across the industry."

Here is some more detailed information about the board.

Facts about the Board

  1. This is a remunerated role, with all reasonable expenses paid by the company.
  2. The Board would meet three times per year in either Europe or The Americas.
  3. The Board is likely to have five or six permanent members and may co-opt additional members for specific parts of the work programme.
  4. Members would be contracted for an initial two-year term with a rolling option.
  5. Each Board Member will be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement.
  6. The terms of reference for the Board will be set by the company. However there may be a requirement for some programmes to be set by the Board. The Company also expects the board to determine elements of its own work programme.
  7. The Board membership will be comprised of a variety of representatives of different parts of the supply chain, application areas technology and media.

Board Member Specification

  1. Considerable experience in their field.
  2. Demonstrable knowledge of their wider market/applications field.
  3. A desire to contribute to the pursuit of knowledge in a market leadership role.
  4. A willingness to indirectly contribute to the commercial benefit of Specac.

If you'd like to put your name forward, please send us a brief email outlining your credentials to SSAB@specac.co.uk by March 31 2016.